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Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Do you allow pets?
    Yes, we are we a pet-friendly community! Huntington Place welcomes dogs and cats up to 2 pets per apartment. After a deposit, pet rent is $20.00 per month, per pet. You can view our pet policy under the amenities tab.

  2. Do you allow felonies?
    It is dependent on the type of Felony and how long ago it was committed.  We have a criminal criteria grid that we use for approval and we can email the grid upon request. 

  3. Do you have 2 Bedrooms?
    We are a one- bedroom apartment community.  We allow up to three occupants per apartment and have over 800 apartments.  All the apartments have a large bedroom and a lot of storage space.
  4. How much is the deposit?
    The move in deposit is the same amount as one month's rent.   We do not deny based on your credit score.

  5. Do you accept Section 8 Vouchers?
    We accept all vouchers.
  6. Are you on a bus line?
    Yes, we have a bus shelter/stop right outside of our main entrance.

  7. Do you have off-street parking?
    We have plenty of off-street parking available and issue free parking permit stickers at move in.

  8. What are the requirements to live here? Maximum Income limits apply and there is a minimum requirement to make 2.5X the rent. Income requirements are gross, not net.  Criminal background is case and time sensitive.  Call our leasing line for more information: 612-361-8034. 
  9. Who is Aeon?
    Huntington Place apartments is owned and managed by Aeon.  To find out more about Aeon, visit 

  10. What if I have an eviction on my record?
    We will accept applicants with a UD on their record if it is over 2 years old and you no longer owe money to past landlords.

Occupancy limit is 3 people

Maximum annual income depending on Household size. 

Household size

50% AMI

60% AMI










Minimum Income:
Must make 2.5x the rent

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